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USA Ninja Challenge gyms compete in the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association.  We have the opportunity to compete in our local area (New England) as well as across the US for higher level championships.

Local competitions start in October and culminate at the Regional Championships in May and Nationals in  July.  In the future, as the sport grows, competitions will take place year round during the school year.

Teams meet once per week on Friday from 5:15 to 6:15, in addition to the athlete’s other class. The team practice will focus on techniques that improve their speed on obstacles, quick transitions between obstacles, skills outside of the level system, and adapting to unfamiliar obstacles. This is an invitation-only class for students ages 6 and up who demonstrate a passion for ninja, interest in competition, and willingness to learn new skills.


USA Ninja Challenge gyms all compete under Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA), an organization that helps host competitions worldwide. All athletes on the team are expected to attend for UNAA Area Qualifier competitions: one at our Hudson gym, and three at other gyms in NH and MA. Additionally, we will attend one competition hosted by National Ninja League (NNL) to help the kids experience a wider range of competition obstacles. The schedule for competitions will be posted by early September.


Athletes who place in the top 50%of their age division at any of the UNAA Area Qualifiers advance to the Regional Qualifier. Those who finish in the top 20% of their division at regionals or have placed in the top 10 overall for their division qualify for Worlds.


The tuition for both classes is $145 per month for ages 6-12, and $165for teens. We will also collect a $75 coaching fee once per season to send a coach to competitions, and each meet has a $50-$60 entry fee.


Team members are expected to wearthe team shirt to competitions, which will be made available at the wholesale cost. We also strongly suggest that athletes wear indoor-only sneakers to the team class and competitions to help with speed.


Please direct any questions toBrian or Claire.


Our gyms compete within the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association, the official Global League of World OCR for Ninja Competitions. UNAA promotes and organizes an international series of obstacle course competitions at Ninja gyms around the world.

Check the UNAA site for competition information!